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      Elaine's Story


Elaine's past

Having been raised in Bermondsey in a busy house with her 5 siblings, a dog, a cat and tropical fish back in the 70s and 80s, you can imagine the stories and fabulous experiences as a child. I personally enjoy being busy which is very much part of my life. 

Elaine's personal experience

Moving out to her own home, she owned a cat named Skinny, which was found abandoned back in 1980's and he lived with the family of 4 for 19 years. Many happy memories :).  My boys loved him very much.


It came! and I suffered, my business suffered, and I found I was desperate for a cat! 

So, Say hello to my KATSUMI a female and beautiful indoor cat!

After some lengthy discussions with closest friends, the decision was made to offer a unique service to owners of cats.

Elaine has made many successful and pleasurable sittings since 2020 starting with Lola just 5 mins from my home.  After several months my business of Cat sitting was booming.... I have been keen to keep my sitting services close so i can literally fit more sittings into my day...



Now and immediate future

Elaine feels she is very much equipped to serve the Community and delivers the very much needed service of Cat sitting. She will work together with you and your requirements.

She has gained so much experience in the  

past 2 years

Elaine is a mature woman educated to degree level and has owned a cat sitting business since 2020.

Elaine is a committed and trustworthy person, has recommendations and independent references. Has an up to date DBS certificate.

A service to requirements!

Elaine is very flexible and will come and visit your loved cat/s to your requirements.  She offers a once or twice a day visit and will provide a minimum of 25 mins play on each visit after performing the normal feeding and cleaning up service.


Elaine always guarantee that you will return to a very happy Cat/s and reassures you whilst you are away too. 

Elaine has experienced repeat services for 2 years now and has also been happy to receive recommendations from the regular customers to new customers.

If this is a service you require - please do give me a call, we can arrange i come and visit you to discuss your requirements.


If you feel this is a service which may help you, but are anxious of leaving your cat - please do get in touch and I can come and visit you - I have so much experience with all types of cats and you will feel reassured after a one to one conversation. Or please give me a try...

Thank you 



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