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Beautiful cat! She was a blessing and reminded me of my old cat. I looked after Lola for 5 days whilst her guardians were away. Consisted of 2 visits a day for feeding and playing with her. Total 1 hour a day.



​Such a lovely boy to look after, he loves a book and at 2 years loves listening to story telling too.

Every week from 3 to 5 was a fun time for us both. 1 year contract completed

raff and ed.jpg

Eduardo and Rafael 

I have been sitting for these lovely boys since birth. Various sittings; school runs, cooking dinner; putting them to bed; night sittings; weekend sittings. They are my friend's children and are very active and fun to be with.


Yin Che and Yang 

I often made sittings for these two lovely children.  So sad to say they went back to China now.

Reise GB Mai 2019 217.JPG


She has a great character and very intelligent child. She is 7 and have known her since she was 5 years, looked after her on so many occasions i lost count! We did sleep nights at her home and went on visits last year to many places. 


9 weeks kitten. So full of fun and very happy to look after this kitten, a long term contract.

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