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Elaine was born in Guys Hospital, London, 2nd eldest of 6 children in Bermondsey. In those days, people left keys hanging on the back of doors to obtain them through the letter box so you can let yourself in, children were left in prams outside their homes and they could be some distance too, especially if you were living in a 2nd floor flat and babysitting was second nature at the age of 14 for pocket money.

Over the years Elaine has spent so much time with children, mum thought I was going to be a teacher, it wasn't to be.

Instead, like most kids in those days was drawn to work in the City!


Elaine spent years building up her experience working in several companies in the City. She also made many friends too by her casual volunteering of sittings.


Elaine married had two baby boys and found herself organising a Mothers and Toddlers Group on the local estate and one day on her way home found an abandoned kitten! After a time able to keep him and named him "Skinny" who lived with the family for 19 years.

She managed a creche and organised events for the mothers at the group.  YES, it was all mothers then, no dads!. 

1980's was good for her she was able to bond with her 2 children also work on several projects in the Community.


Over the past 10 years Elaine offered sitting services to her friends on various occasions covering holidays. Home visits are a great offering.


Elaine lives local and is founder of a Company for 9 years. A continuation of working experience in Printing for over 30 years.  

She is a member of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, a City of London Livery Company and has achieved the Freedom of the City of London in 2007.  


Elaine is on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. A very transparent mature woman who likes to keep busy. Regularly exercises and likes to have a good balance of life.

Elaine has made a new career with professional sitting services and offers a unique service in her local Community. She is a trustworthy and committed mature person. She owns a Cat named Katsumi an indoor cat who is 3 years.

Professional business

Elaine has received many recommendations on her 2020 business of pet sitting services and is dedicated to serving her local community with this offer.

How do i spend my time when not working

Elaine attends St Johns, Blackheath, where she regularly attends services and often helps out with office work and flower arranging and recently helped with the 1st Easter Art Exhibition. 

She also has a small printing business, is self employed and likes to volunteer in local community work. 

She is a member of The Stationers Company, a City Livery Company.

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